What's for dinner? 2021-01-18 00:13:49

A friend of mine once suggested that the hardest question to answer on any given day is what's for dinner. 

I am writing this while standing in the kitchen after answering the question. I have a bad habit of asking what's for dinner when I'm already hungry and don't have anything prepared. That tends to get me into trouble.

On tonight's menu are some chicken breasts (organic, free-range) coated with some EVOO and sprinkled with the last of my Los Pollos Hermanos chicken seasoning that I purchased on a visit to ABQ, New Mexico. I am using a Cuisinart convection oven to roast the chicken, which will pair nicely with some leftover cauliflower rice.

I have not yet made the weekly trek to the grocery store because I plan to go to Costco tomorrow morning and shop without a membership. I used to have a Costco membership, but I realized that it seemed every other time I went shopping, I was renewing my membership. My neighbor works at Costco, and she asked what I wanted for Christmas so I told her a Costco gift card. This will allow me to have a one-time visit to Costco and stock up on all the essentials. That should last me until next Christmas when I will hopefully get another Costco gift card.

Brandon Wilson

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100 percent agree that we shouldn't allow the hungry version of ourselves (dogs) make the decision of what's for dinner. Unless we're not the chef and there are a variety of healthy restaurant options nearby lol
2021-01-18 14:37:54
The true masochist waits to get hungry, asks what's for dinner, hears 'nothing', goes shopping, and comes home with half the grocery store. 
2021-01-19 20:16:57