Audience brainstorming

Audience brainstorming 2021-01-18 16:05:36

I have been working on refining the definition of the audience for my newsletter Be Wellthy, and so I thought I would try to brainstorm some different audiences just for practice.

BW's list of potential audiences to serve (purely as a brainstorming exercise):
  • Men who continue to dribble after urinating and who despise the feeling of urine dripping down their legs.
  • Women who lean into spending an inordinate amount of time at an ATM who want to compare notes with other women on what exactly they are doing at the ATM.
  • Drivers who cannot wait to pull out in front of you only to drive seemingly at a snail's pace along with the drivers behind them who may be interested in rudimentary physics and psychology that explain this phenomenon.
  • People who believe there is no such thing as bad pizza (but still refuse to get a Papa Murphy's pizza) who can eat an entire Tombstone frozen pizza (with extra cheese and pepperoni added) in one sitting.
  • People who clip their toenails anywhere they want and allow the clippings to fly off randomly (bonus subgroup of diabetics with tips for proper routine foot care).
  • People who start reading the first couple of pages of a book, then start reading another book in the same manner and continue to repeat this process toward the accumulation of a large pile of books, each of which only 1% read. Note: This audience will require VERY short batches of content.
  • People who cannot wait for the next full solar eclipse so they can stare directly at it with no eye protection. Note: Will need to set up accessibility options such as text-to-speech for this group.
  • Kids who cannot wait to ditch their toys and frivolous playtime in favor of bills and adult responsibilities.
  • People who consume a handful of supplements along with fast food combo meals who would benefit from learning about new, cutting-edge supplementation and changes in fast food menus such as Taco Bell discontinuing the Mexican pizza.

If I got at least one laugh out of you, my job is done for today. Happy Monday!

Brandon Wilson

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Audience brainstorming
 you got straight up cackles out of me! I enjoyed this immensely, thank you so much for taking the time to produce and share this content. 
2021-01-18 16:45:00
If you can make us laugh or cry, you're on to something.
2021-01-18 17:19:13
Cackles are even better! Thanks for reading! 
 I agree and it's much more fun to make people laugh because to get people to cry, I usually end up crying myself.
2021-01-18 18:41:54
I love how you even considered the special needs of your potential audience 🤣
2021-01-18 19:36:27