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More audience brainstorming 2021-01-27 15:31:21

BW's continuing list of potential audiences to serve (purely as a brainstorming exercise):
  • Call center employees who are tasked with changing menu options for customer service numbers looking to exchange best-practice tips along with techniques for how to mask an Indian accent.
  • Straight men who pretend to be gay and insist on a female TSA agent for the thorough patdown.
  • People who are unmotivated or too lazy to cancel subscription services who wait until their credit cards expire and then dodge the emails and calls to update credit cards. Note: Front-load a subscription option for this group.
  • People who walk by high school boys who are tossing a football and are immediately struck with fear and anxiety at the thought that the football may be thrown to them and they will be under pressure to catch it.
  • People who eschew using Q-tips in their ears favoring the safer technique of unfurling a small paper clip and using the long end to stir up loose wax and the rounded end to scoop it out of the ear canal. Note: Audio content must have subtitles for this group.
  • People who order extra of anything they can such as pizza toppings or a Health Blizzard from Dairy Queen because they feel they have to order extra just to get the amount they should have had to start with.
  • Flat-Earthers who are interested in theories for how eclipses can have circular shadows. Note: This may be a crossover audience with the people who cannot wait to stare directly at the next full solar eclipse.
  • People who open an Excel spreadsheet that displays the first row with dropdowns suggesting a filter is in place and experience paranoia that there may be records not displaying and so they always remove the filter just to be sure.
  • People who leave food long past the expiration date in the refrigerator instead of putting it in the trash bin where it will start to smell and require a sooner-than-required trip to the outside trash can.
  • People who answer all phone calls from unknown numbers by stating their full legal name, date of birth, and social security number before asking what the call is about.

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