Butterfly moments

Butterflies 2021-01-24 00:35:59

These beautiful creatures are effective decision making tools.
By checking if one should do a task/goal/adventure based on butterflies. In the stomach.
I heard a remarkable toastmasters speech last week. The speaker spoke about an experience she felt afraid to do and asked, "If you don't get butterflies in the stomach, is it worth it?"
I loved it instantly. Beautiful way to assess a situation and turn fear into excitement.
What have I done this year where I felt like I had butterflies?
As intense as 2019 has been so far, there are only two things remotely exciting that I had done this year.
That is LOW.
I would like to experience butterflies at the rate of one per week. For a grand total of 40 butterflies for the rest of 2019.
So going forward, I will deliberately look for things that will involve me experiencing butterflies.
Before I decide to do something - I will have a quick butterfly check.
If the task involves butterflies, it will get more weight - until I complete at least one per week.
If this experiment leads to interesting experiences, I will share the details here.
So when was the last time you felt butterflies?


This was the post I wrote on 200wordsAday close to a year and a half ago. I was very excited to find this hack to face my fears more often. I had even created a folder in my personal drive where I documented the butterfly moments in 2019 and early 2020. Then COVID happened and all such goals went out the window. I had almost forgotten about this until
commented on one of
's post about this. Chasing butterfly moments was one of the reason 2019 was spectacular. This experiment shouldn't have an end date. I think it is time for a reset. New 2021 folder for chasing more butterflies. 

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Have you had any butterfly moments this year yet? I know it's been a tough few months for you. But I imagine that maybe the tough times are maybe what sets you up for the large butterfly moments. The kind you can't have in just consistent state of minor bliss.
2021-01-24 22:51:08
Nah - I didn't have any butterfly moments this year. I need to work on my energy and motivation first. It is deliberate work to actually have one of those moments and I just haven't invested any energy into it.
2021-01-24 23:10:22