Enrolling, soliciting, and demanding to make change 2021-01-25 15:06:28

Enrolling is when you choose to contribute to the work.

Demanding is when you assume people will automatically enroll, insist on the outcome, and expect fulfillment.

Soliciting is when you ask for the enrollment required to achieve an outcome in cases where the barrier to enrollment is high and not automatic.

A machine that is built to reliably do a specific thing any time you do a specific action responds to demand because it only requires your participation: you flip a switch, the light turns on.

Routine work, the kind that may involve the enrollment of others, also responds to demand because the enrollment required to act has already been obtained: the marketing team reflexively builds a marketing plan for upcoming product release because at some point everyone agreed that that it was the marketing team is meant to produce.

Demand works well for preserving the work and the culture as it is, because the status quo, by definition, already has everyone on board.

For creative work, demand does not work for the exact opposite reason: no one is on board or enrolled at first. Unlike machine work or routine work, enrolling in creative endeavors requires that others share the same story and vision of the future — a perspective that cannot be insisted on, but rather must be asked for and then perhaps offered.

Soliciting takes time, it requires searching for the right people and having multiple conversations aimed at provoking strange-at-first and potentially culture-changing possibilities. In the end though, the team you end up with will be filled with determined advocates that are willing to join you in trying a rare thing (because it hasn’t been done before) that just might move a mountain or make an important change.

William Liao

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I think this is a great blueprint containing all the necessary components for a finished piece of content from you. Like I'm thinking maybe a series of blog posts or a mini ebook around five or six parts that clarifies the ideas contained in here. 
2021-01-25 17:07:04
 that's the long-term goal! I plan on addressing these concepts in future posts. After I feel like I have enough content together, I'm going to bundle all the posts related to these concepts, organize them and share them with anyone who might benefit from them. 
2021-01-26 02:14:12
Do you have any beartraps ( https://adagia.org/post/73 ) that might hold you back from writing this? I would love to help out by inspiring user interactions based on what your struggles are when it comes to writing finished pieces.

Let me know if it's smooth sailing for you. I'm simply imagining that writing a book is hard because I know a bunch of people ( including myself ) who said they would write one but never have lol
2021-01-26 17:46:48