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Fast This Way 2021-02-01 16:30:20

Overall, I am enjoying the process of writing my weekly newsletters. Some of them come easier to me than others. I was absolutely on fire writing today's newsletter over the weekend. Perhaps it's because it's a topic that is in my sweet spot (biohacking). It could also be because I have used the principles of intermittent fasting to make a positive difference in my life, and I firmly believe fasting can help many people.

For some reason, fasting is a loaded topic. There are a lot of myths and supposed rules around fasting that have caused a lot of people to try it and then give up or claim it doesn't work. I have been fasting while wearing a continuous glucose monitor, and I assure you it WORKS. 

The science is now pretty clear. The old advice to eat multiple meals throughout the day to "keep your metabolism going" has been debunked. In the US especially, we are suffering from too much food and too many calories. We are wired to eat everything. The average person spends 15% of his thoughts thinking about his next meal. Imagine what you could do with that brainpower if you weren't focusing so much on food.

It's good to go without sometimes. This concept applies not only to food but also many other things: TV, social media, alcohol, etc.

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Fast This Way
Similar to terms like feminism or capitalism or communism the word fasting means too many different things to people who don't understand that it's a broad term and can be approached from many different ways. I'm glad that you are tackling the topic with this understanding that there are many different types of fasts and it's not a black and white matter whether something is or isn't a fast.
2021-02-02 19:56:03
 Absolutely! Unfortunately, the confusion and misinformation are creating obstacles that are making it difficult for people to get the right information that will benefit them. I'm doing my part one small step at a time.
2021-02-02 20:23:06
I think the part you can do really well is talking with people who aren't already super gung ho about fitness. Like I think we really need more stories like yours. Someone who was an office worker who decided to reverse T2 Diabetes. But kept his job and still did all the other things he wanted to always do.

Not everyone has to become a fitness influencer or something. We need more wellness related messaging simply infused into all faucets of life.
2021-02-02 20:37:12
 You've nailed it. Just some ordinary dude trying to be healthier and sharing what I'm learning. 
2021-02-02 20:42:12