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One person doing it alone 2020-12-22 17:04:54

Haven't read any novels the past two weeks. Not sure why, but if forced to give a reason I'd say it's because my mind has been craving content related to programming and business.

While scrolling through Twitter the other day while telling myself I was learning programming and business, I spotted a book recommendation for a historical novel about a Japanese Samurai.

What hooked me wasn't the fact I'm in to Samurai culture. I'm not at all actually. What hooked me was the fact that one of the Mindset Twitter accounts I follow retweeted something like Try not to do everything alone. Nobody gets anywhere great by themselves. Except Musashi. Musashi was badass.

Interesting how in my current mindset right now this was the most appealing recommendation for a novel. Not the usual description of the general plot or the aesthetics involved. But rather a philosophical axiom and then a character who is an exception to it.

I want to caveat that I'm not reading this because I wish to likewise be the exception. I actually think that working together is what makes work worth it; makes it both fun and meaningful. I'm just curious to see what one person doing it alone looks like in the Samurai era looks like.

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I won't repeat my usual question. There is a certain glamor in the lone wolf.
2020-12-23 14:28:02
Wait what is the usual question?? 

I agree with the glamor to the lone wolf archetype. That's why that tweet was actually put out. The person was trying to cut through this fetishized glamor because apparently there's an epidemic of people trying to make it on their own instead of trying to collaborate.

But there is also an epidemic of poor collaborations. That's something I'd need to write in a seperate post
2020-12-23 15:50:05
Lol but in this case it's kind of like a biography (non fiction). It's about a real guy who existed! They just call it historical fiction because it happened in a time where there wasn't enough information about the guy they have to fill in the gaps.
2020-12-23 17:50:42