Delicious irony 2021-02-12 15:14:23

I do like some good irony. Like when a fire station burns to the ground. Tragic but ironic. A marriage counselor files for divorce. Or when Stone Cold Steve Austin complained about The Undertaker: "How can you trust somebody whose motto is 'Don't trust anybody?'"

Some people quibble with calling certain things ironic. I remember a Pop Up Video episode for Alanis Morissette's song Ironic that claimed her examples were not ironic but just a "series of bummers."

I do like when irony pops up in the real world, and I noticed one such example this morning. Before my company was acquired, we had email addresses with the domain associated with the company name. We also had SPAM-detection software that quarantined emails and sent us a daily email notification with a list of the emails that were quarantined.

When my company was acquired, our email addresses were changed to the new company domain. The new company also has SPAM-detection software. For a period of time, they are auto-forwarding emails sent to the old company email address to the new one. Here comes the irony. The spam-detection emails that are being forwarded from my old email are themselves being quarantined as SPAM by the new spam-detection software. 

Brandon Wilson

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