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Day 2 2020-12-28 01:56:56

Impressions so far....

The site is great. 
The design is simple and exactly how I like a site to be. 
The people - ARE THE BEST. Felt very welcome and like the lost tribe got back together to get even more spectacular things done. I would like Jason and Baz to join us. They are part of the OG as well. 

What I am most pleased about this new site is first the people who are the core members dedicated to writing and the streak.... long live the STREAK. 
But the best part is where this site and tribe (gang/crew) can take it. 

I am already thinking of the competitions, the fiction writing contests, the never ending streaks, the interviews - definitely the conversations there... it can go so far. And I would love to be at the front sear to witness it. 

So thank you all for being here and the welcome. And thank you Sir Abe for all the work to get this to be so perfect. With so perfect an editor, I am tempted to restart my obsessives compulsive habit of writing exactly 200 words. 

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has been asking for a word counter for about a week now. But as soon as you wrote your first post I knew you would have that compulsion so I built it in lol.

I'm looking forward to all the things you listed off as well. I feel like 
would be more than happy to join us soon especially with some nudging from people like you. 

I feel like Baz wouldn't join us. At least not now. Because if he were to want to write alongside us wouldn't he have never shut down the previous site?
2020-12-28 01:58:55
Yeah - I will reach out to Jason. Thank you for working on all these features so quickly Sir Abe
2020-12-28 18:51:33