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Abraham Kim
Germany Ghana Ethiopia Air Force
She was from Ghana while his family was from Ethiopia . Because she moved here when she was nine they joked that she was more African than him.

When they had first began dating he had just gotten out of the Air Force and returned from  Germany . The two of...


Westcity aesthetics Germany flyover country toys Settlers of Catan
After the fog I saw what looked like computer chips. The layout of a semi large city in the middle of  flyover country . As we flew closer the cars on the highway looked like toy cars. Those things would kill you if they hit you down there. But from...

Abe's Blog

Germany COVID
I hope one lasting consequence of COVID in the U.S is a blurring of work-time.

There's a saying like fish in water to mean sometimes you don't know something you're so ingrained within. The concept of work-time has been something I've been fish-in-water for.

I can recall instances in the past...