Fiction Snippets

Jeannie Hammond thought of the perfect way to spend her day off. And she did something else.

There was a doner truck that sold the best kebab in Berlin two corners away from his apartment. He went and got a loaf of bread from a Kaiser mart instead. 

She came home...
What do you miss the most?
I once was able to tell you my favorite memory or even memories. But lately I've grown to think of memories more as weather and terrain.

As in I used to think that the perfect terrain was mountains in the sun. And then I thought it was mountains in the snow while being huddled inside a quaint cabin.

Once I thought the perfect terrain was coastal, dry beaches. 

The list goes on and on, but since then I've come to just think that I couldn't pick one as my favorite. I like them all. I love the space like desert of 
and I am blown away by the green urban scape of 

These days such great memories come from so many different wellsprings. And I can't point down to where they happen. Although you are right that they always are connected to people. 

  cause I wonder what her thoughts are on this. 

As I write this I'm starting to realize that the best memories in hindsight are always connected to people. But sometimes I get thinking that the phase I'm currently in in the moment are best when I'm alone. I think my 30s will be based on figuring out this dichotomy. Maybe not figuring, but exploring.
Abraham Kim