January 3rd - Obsessed (with Avril Lavigne's Bite Me)
Interesting that you still use

I discovered that between high school graduation and going to college and I was floored by the concept. SCROBBLING!


By the way lately i've been noticing i'm no longer bahambug about pop music coming on. I'll be pumping gas into my 
at the gas station -- yes there are still us plebs who use GASOLINE ! -- and a pop song will come one and i'll be dancing a long to it instead of being annoyed that the gas. station doesn't play QUALITY music.

Here's a great line for you from 
Haruki Murakami

“I've heard it said that the happiest time in our lives is the period when pop songs really mean something to us, really get to us. ... Pop songs may, after all, be nothing but pop songs. And perhaps our lives are merely decorative, expendable items, a burst of fleeting color and nothing more.”

Now I won't go as far as to say pop music means something to me these days, but i can sure enjoy them now.
Abraham Kim