One of my clients just separated with her boyfriend. And the first thing I remarked was I wonder why people that age break up? Why not just stick with things

Anyways, that was short lived. I soon realized that that wasn't giving such people enough agency. I think we like to think that people are just okay with being stubborn and riding straight to the grave in their current outfit and personality. But though they may be stubborn in x,y,z ways, them deciding to break such longstanding relationships show that maybe they aren't stubborn in others.

I think people of all ages are extremely stubborn. It's just different things we become subborn about at different ages. 

I also think that romantic love can lead people astray. When you're young and in love you say things like I'll love you no matter what which is stupid and untrue. It's best to -- once past the 
stage -- to clearly articulate "I shall not stand to be with someone who is like X, Y, or Z".

This way then there will be no tightly closed lips and feelings that eventually lead to a break up later. You can just break up much earlier with no hard feelings... well maybe a little hard lol.

Plus I think if you're super rich it's just easier to divorce. Being poor or middleclass makes it easier to just stick together. In a way maybe that's a blessing for us normies. hehe.
Abraham Kim