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🍵 18 Teas
🍍 15 Pineapples
🍪 13 Cookies
🍓 24 Strawberries
🍊 15 Tangerines
☕️ 11 Coffees
🥃 10 Whiskeys
🥚 15 Eggs
🥟 11 Dumplings
🥩 13 Steaks
🍺 10 Beers
🍫 8 Chocolate Bars
🧇 6 Waffles
🥓 9 Bacons
🍣 11 Sushis

The act of being Kind

I have been thinking... well as I always have :).
I have always thought I knew adequately what being kind meant in actions but I am slowly realizing a big shortfall in my understanding.

Definition of kindness;/ˈkʌɪn(d)nəs/noun
the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Firstly, I do not think I am the most...
2021-08-24 09:51:12

I choose life

I sit here feeling very low on energy to tackle all the tasks I have to complete today.
I find it interesting that I know feeling light is transient but when I happen to feel low, it is hard to make sense out of the feeling and recognize that it wont...
2021-08-23 09:36:14

A welcome

Hi Sheila,

It is nice to have you walk back to me again.
I see you have been through an interesting roller coast of emotions since we last met on a platform like this.

I remember what writing consistently used to do for you.
Oh let's not mistaken, I know you have been journaling...
2021-08-22 20:53:04