The Blue Man

as reply to finally

Blue thought about that day, when he realised they were gone. He rolled it around in his mind. Earlier that day he said something to the man in the Suit and the man frowned. He doesn't remember this conversation just the response. It was like the man in the suit let him leave, but knew he'd be back. He thought to himself after that, why didn't he ask him to stay, like the first time. The man in the suit always saw steps ahead. 

Blue pretended like he didn't know or he didn't remember. The sessions were the same. He would do everything he was asked. 

He doesn't remember when he became an influencer. He thought before that he did odd jobs, and thats what the man in the suit would say. He would do anything. Then they had a client who was a big guy in the government. All Blue had to do was make him laugh. So he dressed in Blue and danced, and played the drums. Like that blue man group, and people took pictures, and acted like he was a celebrity. The fat man thought it was so funny, and all the while blue didn't say a word. The fat man asked who is it, who is he? The man in the suit said, the blue man. Then he just started doing everything like that. 
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