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Bored as he was he leaned over his laptop to skip the intro of the next epissode of Succession. He loved this show so he decided to watch the entire thing all over again. While stroking himself, he saw something that he might have missed first time. The dinner scene where Logan Roy and Kendall meet, to discuss the terms for Kendall's exit from the company. Hector stops stroking himself and puts his dick back in his pants as soon as Logan starts speaking, he felt ashamed somehow and oddly extremely self aware. He continued to follow the conversation attentively.
Kendall: Who do you think I am? Do you think I want you dead?
Logan: How's your boy doing? is he getting better?
Kendall: He... he's fine.
[....] So look, my thing is, I want out. I think I thought I was a knight on a horseback, but yeah, that isn't.
Logan: Life's not kights on horseback. It's a number on a piece of paper. It's a fight for a knife in the mud.
Kendall: Like, I don't really know where my life goes from here. Maybe I could.. I don't know, but I can't do jack shit. So, here it is: I wanna get a premium payout from the holding. 2Bil and a  chuncky asset. [...carries on with his terms of the deal resolving with his complete withdrawal from all of the family business.] 
Logan: I need to think about it.
Kendall (confused): Well, you already, you offered at my b'day.
Logan: That was for fun.
Kendall: Dad, We can't do this bullshit forever.
Liogan: Maybe I want you close, you can do the mail keep you rattlign around.
Kendall: I can't [...] There's things you're able to do that I can't, ... maybe.
Logan: Maybe.
Kendall: You've won... Because you're corrupt and so is the world.
Logan: Hmm... Well.
Kendall: I'm better than you. You... I hate to say this cuz I love you but, you're kind of ... Evil.
Logan: Don't talk about things you don't understand.
Kendall: [...] You've turned black bile into si lver dollars.
Logan: You just noticed did you ?
Kendall: Yeah, maybe I just did. 
Logan: Oh, fuck off.
Kendall: Fine, you know what, I don't give a fuck.
Logan: Not everyone can live this life. I'm a great revolutionary. A bit of fucking spice, a bit of fun.
Kendall: Fun?
Logan: A bit of truth.
Kendall: Truth ah ?!
Logan: I fuckign know things about the world, or I wouldn't turn a buck.
Kendall: Maybe.
Logan: Not necessarilly nice things.
Kendall: Look, whatever. Let me out. Let me out, OK ? Pay up and let me out. I don't want to be you, I'm a good guy.
Logan: How long was that kid alive? Before he started sucking in water? Couple of minutes? Three four five? Long time? Two minutes? What you were even doing? Chasing a bit of tail? Heeey, are you queer? Where you trying to fuck him or was it just the drugs?
Kendall: I'm better than you.
Logan: Suure... You're my Son, I did my best. And whenever you fucked up, I cleaned up your shit. And I'm a bad person? Fuck off kiddo!. Good night. [...gets up and leaves...] Were're outta here.

Hector, paused and watched again the entire scene. He silently uttered a word. Power... Life is about power. He felt the blood russhing trough his temples, he was swating and breathing heavilly, his heart was beating violently ito his chest. He realised that he gave up striving for power and so, he even lost power over himself. How did this happen, he asked himself, when did I lost my drive, my fire to fight for what I want in this life? He kept asking this quetion silently, seating there, motionless. And then he remembered about the caffeinated rats in his lab. The experiment was pointless, it was a mere routine charade, commision by GSK for the approval of a new medicine. He knew it from the start that it was a staged research, but he couldn't argue on it with his boss because he would have lost his job, and, somebody else would have done it anyway.
He almost felt paralised, his dick was flacid, his face dropped and he could almost feel the pain caused by the character that he was in that very moment.
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