make you sick

as reply to reboot

What's wrong with you?


Something is. You know you can tell me.

You wouldn't. Couldn't. Believe me.

Oh come on. I know you. You're not the type to do something crazy. What is it?

That's just the thing! I'm not the guy to do something crazy. So why is this happening to me?

Something. Really bad did happen didn't it?

Can I still tell you?

Would it help?

Probably not.

Then don't.

So it's just like that?

If it's not going to help, then what's the point?

You know I liked you a lot better before all of this happened.

I don't want to know what this is.

I might just tell you. So that you feel sick.

Please don't.

Okay. I'm going to tell you then.

Please leave.

No. I didn't fucking deserve this. So now I'm going to take you down with me.

I said, get the fuck out!

What the hell. Is that a fucking--

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