Why I'm here

I'm new here.  Thanks to
for encouraging me to begin writing more consistently. He's been on an impressive writing journey that I have watched and admired. His process has become a healthy habit that has led to many positives in his life, one of which is this writing community.

Two goals for me writing within the adagia community are: 

  1. To get to know myself better through writing
  2. To get to know the people within this community through reading

Kudos to
for providing a place for community to come together to share thoughts and ideas, encouragement and dreams together.  

In context with my current focus to find more flow in my life, and to help you get to know me better as a writer within the adagia community, I have listed out several of my interests. I would be curious to know if any of these resonate with you.

  • Running and overall fitness/health: As noted in yesterday's post
  • Minimalism: Being intentional with what I own and not over consuming
  • Interior Design: Creating spaces that are comfortable and inspire creativity
  • Real Estate: I'm addicted to looking at Redfin multiple times a day to see what's for sale or has sold in my area.
  • Cryptocurrency:  From an investing perspective for now. I believe decentralized, blockchain technology has a big future. (Side note: I still don't understand the hype around NFTs).
  • Personal Development: The reason I'm here on adagia.
  • Lifestyle Design: Being self-aware and trying to live life with intention and alignment with my purpose, values, motivations, abilities and needs.
  • Creativity: The life blood. Both observing and creating (I want to start doing more on the creating side).
  • Family: The reason my wife and I recently moved from Arizona to Michigan, so we could be closer to family.

There are more, but in reflecting, these are what I feel make up the core of my time and focus.  Any resonate with you?

Great intro. I think there are plenty of topics that will resonate with people here. Personal development and creativity are at the top of my list.
2021-03-13 15:22:37
I gotta make a list of my own like yours. I'm curious as to what would end up on it. I go through life thinking I know so much about myself but while reading your list I thought hey would I even be able to come up with that for my own?

shared his five year professional plan with me. I told him I would have one for him within the week. And you know what? I could write on here everyday, but I couldn't push myself to write a plan for myself. I have a lot of fear in putting things into words regarding my profession/career. I feel like it's going to commit me to something unescapable.

Writing this comment has already been helpful in getting me to feel less scared in just writing something at least.
do you have a longer/long-term professional plan yourself? What about you, Steve?

Also have you heard of the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less? You may enjoy that book.

2021-03-14 02:49:09
Welcome Steve. Great intro indeed. Not understanding NFTS seems reasonable at this point. It'd be like trying to understand Twitter 10 years ago. I'm supposed to shout into the void? Follow people? For what?

Writing is an excellent way to spend time with your thoughts and those in the community. I look forward to more.
2021-03-14 04:49:34
Essentialism is a GREAT book and it made my annual list of BW's favorite things A.K.A the Be Wellthy Holiday Gift Guide. I do not have a long-term professional plan. My plan is to get out of the career I'm in and jump out into the great unknown at some point.
2021-03-14 16:12:00
@abrahamKim I don't have a 5 year plan.  Like you, it scares me to think that far ahead and put pen to paper.  I believe a plan is good, but personally when it comes to plans (at least for the working part of my life), I'm in the experiment phase, where I'm trying to narrow down my specific focus or focuses to begin the process of working outside the 9-5. Very broadly speaking, that is my 5-year plan or I guess more of a goal.  I'm hoping that writing and getting my thoughts out will help clarify some of the ideas I currently have swimming around in my mind. 
2021-03-14 23:30:11