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Ear buds didn't always need to be uncomfortable. Not if you spent 150 dollars on them. Then they'd slide right in. Rubber heads shaping to her ear. Tulsa didn't go anywhere without them anymore. A gift from her high school best friend who had surprised her with a visit before heading off to Korea.

At the beginning of the semester Tulsa never imagined listening to anything other than 
and the 
Blue Album

Now she was listening to other things as well. One of which surprised her. 
. "So far gone".

Especially that intro song that featured that strange electronic intro. It made it feel like winter.

"What are you up to?"


"Nice. What kind?"


"Oh shit. Sorry."

"Yeah. Young guy actually. Car crash. He wasn't drunk."

She left the apartment. Made sure the door was locked. And then took a walk down Baker Avenue. The Drake song playing.

Hey there. Pretty girl. You know exactly what you got.

She waited at the bus stop wondering if anyone could hear what she was listening to. There was another guy nodding his head to his own music. Then a overweight woman who was sweating and staring across the street. Nervously taking sips off of her cold drink from 7-11.

"Any chance we can hang out after your event?"

"Maybe. I'll let you know."

The bus hissed to a stop. It suddenly felt so much hotter.

At the funeral, a friend gave a speech through 
. But Zoom didn't exist back then. This was before Zoom. This was about 2012. So actually Zoom hadn't been invented. However this friend of the departed was able to somehow travel to the future. And then Zoom in through the projector. But nobody at the funeral could understand what was going on. They were still used to seeing images projected by an overhead. A few of them had tried Skyping before. Video calls were not a normal thing yet.

Tulsa could see what was happening though. When Mike... a guy her age working the event... said, "what the hell was that?"

Tulsa refrained from explaining. There would be no point in explaining how the guy was from the future. And had somehow Zoomed into the funeral through the projector via a time machine. She could already imagine Mike saying something like: what the hell is zoom?

Zoom zoom. Like the mazda car. That is how she would've responded, had she told Mike the truth. She was glad to have not though.

Tulsa could see into the future. She could also see into the past. People thought they could see the past, but actually what they were doing was drawing the past based on the present. Tulsa could see it all though.

The future did not look good. She was happy to be in the present. But she knew that someday she would end up there.

After the funeral she got a ride back with another coworker who wasn't named Mike. She texted the guy who was wondering if she could hang out that she was too tired. Instead she went upstairs and opened up her laptop. She had zoom installed on it. The laptop was from the future as well a 
Macbook Pro
with an M1 chip. The other people in this time were still using intel chips.

Sometimes she would video call her best friend from the year 2020. She had a lot of friends in that year. Something bad happened at that time that forced a bunch of people to stay at home. Most of them spent a ton of time on their computers. So she had plenty of people who were open to talking to her.

She never told them what epoch she was from. They equally would be confused. Maybe less so than the people in her epoch. But they would think she was trolling them or something. Luckily nobody suggested meeting up. That's what she liked about the year 
. Everybody was okay not seeing each other in real life. Just the way she liked it.
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