Optimize V Simplify

Do you try to optimize at every opportunity? I know I try to. I end up making a complex mess of things at most times but I am usually thinking of optimizing. 

Re-reading Scott Adam's book 'How to fail at everything and still win big' lately. I am amazed at how new so many things still feel. One of them is the idea of simplicity Vs optimize. 

Scott states how simplifying is a great for building systems and routines. Simplicity makes it easy to follow a routine and save mental energy needed to complete tasks. Optimizing seems attractive for the time investment but adds a layer of complexity that may be taxing our energy and time. 

Scott plays a lot of emphasis on energy. Energy is vital for things like motivation, quality of relationships and the drive to complete our to-do list. Energy is impacted by things like health, sleep quality and physical activity. So both the input for energy and the output of having energy give a compounded return.

Until I read Scott's book, I didn't think of energy that way. But Scott is really good at persuasion and I am sold. So one way to maintain my energy is focusing on simplicity over optimization. In the long run, having a simple and effective system will have compounding result. 

So I feel clarity coming on - focus on communication and simplification. 
Warren Buffett
 is also a big proponent of this. Basically I think anyone who has been successful for a 'long time' figures out that it's best to just have a few big north-stars a year and just allow that to guide all the little optimizations isntead of trying to sweat over each optimization as its own individual decision.
2021-05-27 18:45:47
Exactly. But for some reason, most of us gravitate towards optimizing. I still have to stop myself even when I have consciously decided to focus on simplification. My default is to optimize. 
2021-05-27 18:50:57
I think it's because we lacked the necessary mentorship to be able to pick this up. We however know better so it's on us to get the next generation strapped!!
2021-05-27 19:12:39
The next generation is on their own! Every man for himself! 🤣
2021-05-27 19:30:07
Yeah books are the best mentors. Not all books - the good ones. 
2021-05-27 20:32:03