Warren Buffett
I'll devote more of my future writings to clarifying this.

You are approaching what i'm expressing here when you talk about 
and its projection.

For now TLDR: the person who invests as their actual truthful what-is rather than what-ifs is someone like 
Warren Buffett
. Although to the outside it looks like speculating, most of his time (inside) is spent in the now. What does he know now? What does he see as true now?

The fomo investor spends their time only on the what-ifs. moon city
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Welcome to America

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If you're lucky you'll get to live long enough that your lens' grows cloudy. It doesn't matter how sharp your base vision is before this gradual formation. Even if you were seeing 20/8 (the accepted max visual acuity for humans) the world will still appear obscured to you through cataracts...
Optimize V Simplify
Warren Buffett
 is also a big proponent of this. Basically I think anyone who has been successful for a 'long time' figures out that it's best to just have a few big north-stars a year and just allow that to guide all the little optimizations isntead of trying to sweat over each optimization as its own individual decision.
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One reason why i like writing about diners

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I remember once listening to someone talk about how New Yorkers talked. Apparently one of their primary forms of small talk consists of speaking about the subway. I was intrigued but confused. I asked how can you make small talk about the subway.

"Oh they just talk about which route they...