Life Happening

If you do something ten days straight but drop the ball on day 11, restarting will feel especially hard. But I believe this only to be the case when I decided not to show up. When I could've done it but made an excuse. Whenever I've taken a day off because life happened, I found it just as easy to pick up the following day, or at the most the following week.

What is life happening though? If there's a day when I don't write -- hasn't been for awhile now, but i spent many days not writing in the last decade -- besides for maybe 20 total days, I always chose not to write. On those 20 or so days I had something special going on. Life. And I chose to do something other than write because it was worth it.

But most days are ordinary. And most days I just chose not to show up.

I think if you're trying to develop a habit, then first you got to know why. Otherwise, you'll start choosing other things and calling that 
life happening
PS the ten day example was just arbitrary. Not meant at anyone. The example was used by 
in a phone call today so I went with it lol
2021-05-06 02:55:46
I must thank you 
 you got me thinking in our conversations about what makes one drop a daily habit. I clearly had an aversion towards starting a daily habit because I didn't want to fail at it. However, I see now how it benefits me and I wanna say thanks ! 🙏 
2021-06-01 22:55:17
Ha are you finding it easy to show up and give your thoughts the form of words? 

2021-06-02 15:16:30

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