What I like seeing on the top of my feed right now

I have a funny thing I do on this site. Because the read/unread feature was implemented sometime in February, there's a lot of posts that I have read but are marked as unread. These show up on my main feed when I show up to the site.

For awhile I was marking these posts as 'read' by clicking a few a day. Sometimes I'd even re-read the post. But i've stopped marking posts as read because I have a post I love seeing when I show up to the feed. That post is Keni's
Day 1 Keni
. Something about how it starts. Here we go and the other things that visible in the excerpt

Exactly 2 years since I started writing on 200wordsAday. 
But 200wordsAday.com is officially gone.

It makes me feel equally grounded and chilled. It's a feeling I like and I intend to keep this post at the top of my feed for the forseeable future. 
Awww. I didn't realize how it would sound when I wrote it. It was me acknowleging he new beginning. 
2021-05-07 02:46:43

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