Identity foreclosure

Identity foreclosure is a stage of self-identity discovery in which an individual has an identity but hasn't explored other options or ideas. Most common in young adolescents, in this stage the individual has just adopted the traits and qualities of parents and friends.

To progress beyond this stage a person must develop their own identity by questioning their traits and exploring other options.

I got introduced to this concept in the book 'Think Again' by Adam Grant. I shared a little bit about the book a couple of posts ago. I just finished the book this afternoon. There are many concepts in the book that I could write about - probably will consider writing a summary. 

This idea of identity foreclosure sounds like something I want to explore more. I don't think I have developed a specific identity when it comes to a career yet so I haven't experienced foreclosure. But I could benefit from questioning my traits and exploring options. I know what type of work I love to do but I have not explored the idea of doing that full time. Last year gave me some exposure to what meaningful work is. Last year also showed me how difficult it would be to live off of work of that nature. 

It was easy for me to identify what types of topics interest me. I have found a way to learn those things via books. The disconnect has always been around how to make chasing my passion for a sustainable income and health insurance. I need to make time to understand and experiment with this. It's never too late to go looking for an identity. 
Yes that is exactly what I am doing as well. I had never heard of the concept before but it is fascinating. Especially now that I am getting so interested in cooking - as a potential passion. 
2021-04-28 21:42:41