It was over a year ago that some of us started to write about corona when it first started showing up in the news. We were all scattered around the globe but we had similar fears and observations. 

I recall sharing that I was feeling afraid. Though there have been outbreaks in the past, some even more severe than corona, I was very afraid of this virus. Once it arrived in the US, many of us started to really take it seriously. It was a scary few month in the beginning. I was afraid of both the pandemic and the potential riots from people fed up of being stuck at home and needing food. I recall telling my entire family to invest in dry foods like chips and crackers since they can stay for a long time without a need for refrigeration. I did my best to get all my medications for over 6 months ahead. 

But a lot of the things I was afraid of didn't happen. My job allowed me to work from home which made things much better for me. I was able to get enough food and medicine so I was set there as well. None of my family was affected either. It was just my health that suffered during that time, not the other things that most of the world was facing. 

Now I am fully vaccinated. The US seems like it is on the recovery phase. A lot of places are offering vaccines for anyone and businesses are going back to normal. I had to go to a doctor's appointment around rush hour and experienced traffic. Felt like a new experience. 

I am starting to wonder what the post COVID life will look like. Many people I talked to are certain they will never go back to communing to work. After a solid year of working from home, people have a recent memory of exactly how much time is wasted in being present in person. I myself don't know if I will be ok with a non-remote working environment. 

In recent memory, I remember 9-11, the 2008 financial collapse and now COVID. Of all the severe incidents, COVID takes the crown by a lot. I don't think life will be anything like it was before. 
Ah thanks for teleporting me back to that time. I'm thinking around 
Feb-March 2020
what a time that was. 

Yes I remember preparing for 
Stephen King
-esque situation as well.

I like how you list the major global catastrophes that we have lived through so far. Here's to the next one!
2021-04-28 14:58:39