A break at the diner

"They had something come up."


"Friend situation."

"Oh no. That's too bad."

"I'm still hanging here. Alone. Got the whole day off."

"Not much has changed then."

"I thought today would be different. I was looking forward to today, Syd." he smiled.

"Well it's just another day, Val."

"I'm okay with that. I've come to enjoy routine."

Syd pours coffee into Val's mug, scans the diner with her eyes without moving her head then makes eye contact again.

"What about you. Do you like routine?"

"Not. at. all. I need some novelty in my life. Working in a
for over 20 years will give you that itch."

"Maybe I should give it a go."

"Oh I promise you don't. You can just trust me."

Val raised his mug up to chin level. "Thanks for the refill."

"Anytime, Val."

In many ways the final minute rescheduling by his friend bummed Val, but in one big way it blessed him with something he's been needing badly, which was a break. The next two days were free of the office and Val had of course gone and booked them full with other obligations. Meet the friends he usually couldn't take a one hour lunch with. The most important person, or the one he looked most forward to doing this with ended up needing to drive a friend to a job interview.

Couldn't that other friend have asked for the ride ahead of time? Why the hell did they wait until the day of? That kind of person probably won't get the job anyways, and if they were to then it's probably a shit job anyways. This type of
was what clouded Val at first. He had heard the news on his way to the diner, car engine already rumbling. "Fuck it," he had thought. He decided to just go to the diner anyhow. 

Fiction writing comes so naturally to you Sir Abe. I am officially jealous.
You absolutely have to publish a book post haste. 
Nice and engaging write up.
2021-05-05 18:46:56
Ha believe me it doesn't. I have practiced a lot and actually i need to practice more. Being in the 
Echo and Narcissus
club has been good for jumpstarting that because it gives me clear defined goals that I can work towards within a timebox.

Have you begun writing for Saturday's assignment?

Also thank you for this comment. It reminds me of the times when I used to write fiction on 
and would love getting your comments on them ;)
2021-05-06 01:59:00
Yeah I remember being anxious to read a follow up of your posts as well. That was how we got to be friends 2 years ago :). And lord the Nov fiction challenge was so disastrous! 

I have found a few pieces that I am reading from Scott Adam's work but I haven't started the writing part yet. Tomorrow it is. 
2021-05-07 02:53:40
haha I remember that. It was woman in a 

by the way if you are writing about something you will reference a lot and want to be able to link back to it in the future you should try using the hotkey [[ 

just like you can @username you can use [[ to create a topic. You'll see that I have hotkeyd diner in this comment. 
2021-05-07 19:24:40
Ahh - I always clicked on those and wondered what was happening. Thanks for sharing that tip. 
2021-05-07 20:09:37

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