On responsibility

Often people fear growing up because of responsibility. This fear is something we need to eradicate. How? By removing all responsibilities from humans by outsourcing it to robots and educational and political institutions. Just kidding.

What scares us isn't responsibility itself but a lack of it. As in if we are responsible then what we are responsible for is taken care of. And if we're irresponsible then it's only matter of time until the thing we're responsible for blows up in our faces.

Paul Graham
laughs at how much people's opinions on how to raise children change the moment they actually have children. So I'm excited to see how my opinion on responsibility changes as I get more and more of it. Maybe responsibility is actually the shit sandwich people make it out to be. 
I think the way we arrive at our perception of responsibility as adults is grounded in our exposure to responsibility as kids. If some trust fund kid never has any responsibilities until turning 18, that adult is going to view responsibility differently from someone who was taught responsibilities from a young age.
2021-05-15 18:23:37
Boom. It's the same as the boiling toad example. But in this case being boiled is a good thing.
2021-05-16 14:10:29

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