Laptop down!

One of my clients issued us laptops. We don't actually have possession of the laptops; they are sitting in the office and we log into them remotely. When I pull up the desktop, it's as if I am working with my laptop right in front of me (with the exception of no access to the camera/mic). I think there is probably a setting that would allow me to use the camera and mic on my work laptop, but thankfully my client is not in the habit of having Zoom calls.

When I logged off yesterday afternoon, there was the option to update and restart or update and shut down. Normally I just log off, but it was forcing me to choose an update option. I chose to update and restart. I never shut down the laptop, otherwise, someone in the IT department would have to physically boot it back up in order for me to log in. 

This morning I tried remotely accessing the laptop and kept getting errors. I opened an IT ticket. The tech could not get the laptop to respond remotely either. He contacted someone in the office who tried and failed to boot up the computer. Laptop down! Thankfully, they had a loaner laptop that I was able to log into while they figure out what to do with my old one. Without the laptop, I can only use a virtual desktop with limited functionality of email and chat. I need a customized laptop for most functions of my job.

The laptop was barely two years old. When I sent an email to my team, I told them that laptops die based on how hard they are worked, so who's next!?
Something similar happened to me smack in the middle of COVID and I couldn't get to the corporate office to get a loaner. They had to ship one to me til they figured out the problem. I agree with the statement - it is because of how hard we work. 
2021-05-20 22:45:20
Some people are banking on the world of work shifting more towards browser as default environment. Here is one such startup banking on that:

They basically run
Google Chrome
for you on super powered servers that run all the processing and you simply stream it from your device. This means you can have a 'dumb' client-computer and still have the super powers of a uber machine. so long as you have stable and fast internet.

2021-05-21 13:54:05