Letting go of fear

Sometimes, I find myself torn apart by worries and I wonder, why do I worry? Fear. My mind cannot stop thinking what if this or that won't turn right. It compulsively thinks about the future. Everything that falls into a blind spot outside of my control or awareness becomes something subject to fear. Why this mental dynamic and what do I feel exactly? Fear is a constrictive emotion. It creeps in and inhibits joy and creativity. I noticed a shift in beliefs. When I am afraid I begin to believe that I am at the mercy of external events, and this, in turn, forces me into shifting my general worldview. Letting go is better. Letting go of wanting an outcome over another will nullify fear. Fear also consumes mental energy. The object of fear works like a magnet within the mind-space and demands attention. It is like a shape-shifting node that hooks onto conceptually adjacent narratives. Fear pollutes the mental space. You probably heard it before: The only thing to fear is fear itself.
Indeed, because when you get swept into the downward spiral of fears negative reinforcing loops appear, be it real or mental. It gets harder and harder to gain perspective.

Believing in God.
When I believe in god I relinquish control. I put my life in the hands of God, and ask for help and forgiveness. I am afraid of God only and, releases me of all the other fears. It is liberating. To feel God's support is to feel compassion and love and gratefulness. These emotions can only bring a better more uplifting state of mind and consequently a better reality. If by now you tried everything to get rid of fear and it didn't work, try GOD.
How ironic that the name 'Marius' triggers a Diablo II memory for me. I believe that was the name of one of the characters featured in the cutscenes. 
 Do you recall?
2021-05-23 14:20:26
I do think that fear is this holding onto a bet.... that maybe we can control all our outcomes. 

Brandon I do not remember. lol but makes sense as 
was centered around 
Eastern Europe

If you did like the story/style/setting of the game along with the gameplay mechanics then you might like the animated show 
2021-05-23 15:19:14
Hmm - Fear has hijacked me for a long time as well. There is no subject I have tried to understand and deconstruct like I do FEAR. Especially in the last one year, I have noticed a type of compulsive recurring thoughts over things I have less control over. It is taking a lot of deliberate practice to not allow fear to take over and paralyze the mind. I am actively working on it as well. Buddhism would be where my personality would gravitate towards in such matters. 
2021-05-23 18:09:38
maybe you know about the buddhist eight fold path; The more you apply yourself to it the more you will be able to deconstruct your mental patterns.
thanks for reading
2021-05-24 16:41:49