A wrapped gift waiting to be unwrapped is somehow more delightful than an unwrapped one in plain view. 

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference arguably wouldn’t be nearly as legendary if they didn’t end their presentations with one more thing

The most prized items some how shine just a little bit brighter if we hide them behind the proverbial curtain first. 

Intentionally enshrouding the work in mystery, inviting others to wonder about it, and then showing them something that invariably surprises or exceeds their expectations might sound like a convoluted play. 

Or it might just be the single most important thing you do to create delight in the eyes of the people you aim to serve. 

Delivery is an art form worth mastering; not an afterthought. 

Jobs' keynotes are legendary for his mastery of delivery.
2021-05-28 15:00:01