Adventures come to the adventurer

About two years ago I was on a roadtrip with my girlfriend somewhere in the south of Morocco. We wanted to see the desert so, we drove further down south to the entry in the Sahara. I never experienced temperatures like that. We stopped into a little village just before arrival to eat, get some water and, met our guide who was going to drive with us further south. At 2PM It was about 46 degree Celsius. Usually tourists go there in November or December. We were in August, our guide was a bit surprised to see us too and, almost jokingly he said: attention, it's hot during this time of the year. One more hour of driving onto a plain flatland of a reddish color we arrived at the dunes where we checked into our camp.
Later that day, i wanted to see the sunset from somewhere else and decided to take the car and drive to find a nice spot. My girlfriend though it's a bad idea and she didn't want to come. I went alone and got stuck in the sand somewhere 15 km away from the camp. I did everything i could to get that car out with no success. After I've got it even more stuck i decided to go and ask for help. I locked the car, as if i would have left it in the supermarket parking and began retracing my route but i got lost. So here i was, my gf was probably mad at me for being gone so long, i was pissed of because she was right, i got stuck, and i couldn't find my way back to the camp. I began an easy jog in the direction where i thought more or less the camp was, i had about 200 ml of water with me that i found in the car. The heat was tempering down a bit but it was still very uncomfortable. So, i ran, and ran and after a while i saw the camp from far away. I arrived and asked for help quickly because it was getting darker. We went back with a 4x4 and pulled my car out. And voilà, the moral of the story is... Never go without a 4x4 in the desert, and if you do always take some water with you, and a satellite phone.

I can only imagine what it would have been like in a true desert.
2021-05-31 12:19:33
lmao yeah i was wondering why you didn't take the 
from the getgo! 

Enjoyed this a lot. Good use of tension. Also good thing you were fit enough that the 15 km trek wasn't too much a burden.
2021-05-31 15:32:05
Also what made you go in
? I guess from reading this sounds like it was kind of a spontaneous move?
2021-05-31 15:32:38
Indeed, In a true desert further away from the camp and in the heat of the day I would have been dead.

it was sort of spontaneous, we thought about going to desert but somewhat remotely and didn't really prepare for it. I have rented an SUV but it wasn't 4x4. August was the time when Caro, my gf, got her vacation leave.

Im physically fit to run 20+ km or so in one go, I run regularly.
2021-06-01 23:24:42