August Adventures

I feel like July prepared me to make the most of August. I feel good and ready for some adventures. 

Adventure 1 - Finding a WeWork alternatives. I have already decided to keep going to WeWork until I find something better to undo the benefits I have seen in July. But I will have to find something that is more reasonable with the commute and parking. 

Adventure 2 - Stepping up my writing. There is no way I can just compete with absolutely anyone in the world on a medium like Medium without leveling up my skills. I have a couple of avenues for learning and I have started that today. I already have a system that I use but leaving my cocoon and publishing for world famous skilled writers means that it is game time. I am more excited than I am scared at this point - which is puzzling my family a lot. But I say - why the hell not?

Adventure 3 - Sleep. I have improved on it drastically in July. Now I just want to build on it and make it predictably consistent. After listening to the Tim Ferris podcast where he interviewed a neurobiologist about sleep, I got a couple of new insights that I am going to try. The hardest thing for me is the sleeping and waking up at the same time. I have the luxury of not having to wake up at any specific time at the moment. So I go back to sleep until my Oura score is high enough. I can't do that forever, so in August, I will experiment with sleep at 10 and waking up before 7am. 

Adventure 4 - I have some online courses that I have signed up for. There are a couple I have to wrap up sooner than the rest. So I will work on getting those completed in August. 

Adventure 5 - Weight training. That was one of the things I wanted to do regularly in July but failed to do so. According to my sister's latest health discovery, losing muscle mass is a big issue as we get older and we should all be increasing our weight training routines more than cardio. I didn't know about that but I knew that more muscles means being more insulin sensitive. So WT is going to be a focus. 

Adventure 6 - Spending quality time with people I love. I intend to meet more of my friends in person. I have plans to engage in summer activities that we were banned from for over a year. 

That's all.

Lots of adventures. It should be an exciting August for you.
2021-08-02 14:53:54