July - B+

There is a dramatic change in me since the start of July. It was a month of massive action and I liked it. The core changes being that I went to WeWork on a consistent basis and focused on what affects my energy.

Reading - This is where I did a lot more than I expected. The new 1 hour+ commute encouraged me to read a lot more than I would have at home. I had joined blinklist months ago but I really used it in July. Last count was about 37 book summaries. I am sure it would have taken me over a year to read the actual books in full. The way the books were summarized, I was able to get to the core points more efficiently. Most of the topics I read was about startup and how to successfully go from idea to product. I was also able to put a lot of the ideas to practice.

Writing - I joined the 100 day streak club this month. For me that is a milestone that shows me how much I have returned to normal life more than the habit of writing itself. I haven't been really pushing myself in terms of my writing. I haven't been able to make any progress when it comes to adding humor to my posts. But I have started to expose myself to more comedy. Eventually it will rub off on me and will impact my writing.

The main thing when it comes to writing happened to me 2 days ago.
shared with me a competition that got me excited. I know that I have to really work on improving my writing to be compared with the caliber of writers that will compete. That is exactly the type of pressure I needed to elevate my writing.

Sleep - A lot of improvement in this department. I was able to get a good score on my Oura ring consistently over the last half of July. I am still working on the consistency and understanding what works for my body but I am getting there. This improvement positively impacts my energy and my health. Which is the core for everything. So July was a good month for this big reason.

Self-documentation - I have been tracking my days with my self documentation google sheets that I made. I did a good job of not missing a day in July. That one action helped me stay on top of the things I want to do on a regular basis. Also helped me recognize that there are things I forget to acknowledge that I was doing right....kinda like gratitude journaling. I also made a tally of the daily trends. That helped me identify what I am struggling with. So I plan to pay more attention to those 4 items in August.  

Overall - July felt like I was getting my groove back. A solid B+. I wouldn't say that my productivity is where I want it to be. But my health and energy are steady and better than the last few months. In August, I want to pick up on execution and ship on a few items I have planned. 
I'm really happy to see that your sleep has been improving. Also glad to see reaching triple digits in #Teamstreak!!
2021-08-01 13:31:09
This is reminding me to go checkout that Google Doc you sent me : ) I'm excited to try it out for myself

Also Brandon shared that contest with me. So are the both of you gonna participate? Because if so then I'm excited to do it now as well as a group activity! 

would you be open to a writing competition facilitated by 


Also figured 
would be in on the competition. He quote unquote told me that his goal with writing now tht he's reached 2century status is 'to polish the shit out of my message'.

2021-08-01 14:23:33
I sent that link to both of you because I thought you might be fired up for it. I, on the other hand, have no interest in writing contests. As I told Keni, it causes writing to feel too much like blurk, and I want to keep it as a hobby that I enjoy. Someone who speaks English as a second language might tell William that she is looking forward to seeing some of his polished shit. 🤣
2021-08-01 14:43:58
- I am definitely focused on sleep more and reaping the rewards for it. 

- I am going to take part in the competition. I feel like my writing skills become stagnant unless I am in a class or a competition. So I am happy to do it. Even if the odds of winning are slim. 

I am also very curious to see how you feel about the google sheets. It is helping me more and more daily.
2021-08-01 19:49:19

Please share Blinkist Book Recommendations for me. Thank you ;)
2021-08-02 21:38:15
Ah damn Brandon. I was excited because I thought you and Keni were doing it! I'm not into contests really, but I'm into teams.
2021-08-03 00:03:01