I was going to bed but then i remembered that i didn't write today.

I've been experimenting with LSD micro-dosing. The dose is very low, less than 50 micrograms. The effects are mild and somehow fade into the background of daily activities. I went swimming and chilling on the beach, on the rocks all afternoon. The water feel amazing, with the view and everyone else. The women are wonderful and they're mostly topless ! I've tried not to look too much, but i found that i can look as much as I want it doesn't change a thing. Everyone is super relaxed 😎 and enjoying the sun the water.. it's like in a giant swimming pool where everybody goes nuts in his own  way. So there i was, swimming in the sea, feeling the water, it was amazing.

I found to be quite active (mentally) in the evenings, maybe it coincide with the moment when I smoke a joint, the effects are interesting. The reason why i write this trip-report. LSD is a wonderful substance. To understand how it unlocks you, you must take it. I found that it made me a little bit more empathetic with people. I enjoyed listening and talking, sharing. It all felt easy. Now, before you fire out Tor, just look into alternative (legal) Lysergamides 1-p-LSD is a popular one for example. There's absolutely no difference between the traditional LSD-25 or something. At your own risk 🙂.

It's an ongoing experiment. What are your adventures ?