Death Netflix Korean Squid Game

This contains spoilers for the 
Squid Game


I'm not the type of person who has a set time each day where I just go and watch a TV show. I"m either binging something or I'm not watching anything at all. When I first watched Squid Game it was just another Netflix binge. Great show: amazing characters and good writing that keeps you hooked.

But it wasn't until two days after finishing when a different perspective of the show dawned on me. No more was I excited by it and captivated by excitement, I was now haunted. Disturbed.

For the most of my adult life I've been convinced that I'm an emotionally strong person because I can handle things like death better than others. But Squid Show revealed that I just never encountered death in the way that shook me.

To me all the death that I saw in any shows or movies have always been mere intellectual constructs. Motions and customs you move through. Things shall pass. It took this
show to really strike at my truest fears. To remind me that I'm afraid of death as well.

Squid Game