Doug 19: Library Ver 2 as reply to Doug 18: Up all Night

Abraham Kim
Netflix laptop library anticipation
Few minutes into the  Netflix , he grew bored. Why was this show that was painstakingly produced less interesting then bits of information he surfed on the internet? House prices. Someone else's dinner or vacation. A random thought someone tweeted.

Godot quickly came up with an explanation. It was because shows...

Doug 18: Up all Night as reply to Doug 17 - The Crow

Netflix Icarus German
Godot that night he waited on his phone. Swapping between instagram, tinder, and zillow. Like almost roulette hoping that this time when he opened it will be the time he'd get a house, a girlfriend, maybe even just a like?

He knew also he should have gone to sleep like...

calm night as reply to 007

Abraham Kim
Netflix beer high school
Mia ended up ghosting me. She said I could interrogate her tonight. But she never showed up. I stayed up drinking a few beers while cleaning the apartment. And then I fell asleep. I tried putting something on  Netflix , but it was boring. Something was different about tonight. I...

idling as reply to Chill

Abraham Kim
cortisol deadline coffee caffeine Work lunch boring Twitter Netflix
Hector watched the cortisol infused rats scuttling around.

People had places to be. And they had to have been there ten minutes ago. deadline s were past due. And the  coffee was no longer hitting. Though they still needed the coffee. That was not up for discussion. Even when the  caffeine...
A use case for AI
This is great news. now i can cancel my 
 subscription, break up with my girlfriend, tell my parents i will never see them again and just watch my own movies and shows hehe
Abraham Kim

13 Reasons Why

Youtube Wikipedia Spotify Netflix off-grid 13 Reasons Why
So, two episodes ago, I started watching 13 Reasons Why ("Tote Mädchen Lügen Nicht" - "Dead Girls don't lie"). It has been on my watchlist since it came out. I remember it releasing an enormous “scream” in public.

But I came back to it a different way. Recently I started binging...

Solo Echo Practice
in the name of love

What a man fears most when finally entering a good relationship

is its end.

It's hard to blame him.

After countless days sipping meaningless information on the internet

and pointless dinners with other people who resemble them,

they have come to see life as the Netflix home screen.

An offering of something that once thrilled him


Fiction Snippets
Comics and Stakeout

college Netflix graphic novel boyfriend
I could finally understand why he had wanted to write a  graphic novel back in  college . They were like a  Netflix show, but on paper. I thought of him while flipping through the pages, feeling the sheets against my fingers.


"I can feel what you said."

"That must mean it was...

The City I

Westcity TV Netflix driver's license
The drive to  Westcity took over an hour.

But it was worth taking every weekend as soon as I got my driver's license .

I couldn't even imagine what I was spending my weekends doing before I got that thing. Probably watching a lot of  TV , we didn't have smart...
Content Overflow
Haha these days while Brandon pretends not to read fiction and i pretend not to go on 
, I actually will claim that I've become mostly bored with a lot of the video content. There are some that stand out but mostly i kind of just use video content as a thing to put on when i want to just kill time. Might eat some snacks or just fuck around on a 
group chat
and have some laughs.

When I'm being deliberate about my time I almost always enjoy and get more out of reading WHO HAS TIME FOR FICTION?! than video.

So that makes me actually think. WHO HAS TIME TO WATCH FICTION?! 

Judging by how many 
 and other streaming services subscriptions there are, MANY!
Abraham Kim

Content Overflow

Netflix Youtube twitch Amazon Prime Video Disney+ Content movies novels Udemy Content Overflow
Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Disney+ , Youtube , twitch and many other Platforms have one thing in common: Content . I remember a statistic about YouTube that stated that 500 hours of Content are uploaded every minute. That's 500 days of new stuff to watch every day.

Sure, I...
Henry Cavill
Haha Trisha was saying that it's a shame that 
The Witcher
rather than a 

But at least a Polish game studio developed the game. 

I didn't even know it was Polish until at Christmas my girlfriend's uncle told me he had grown up on The Witcher the novel. All i associated with those two words "the witcher" was the video game and the netflix show that i'd heard so much about. so i was surprised that this middle aged polish man was speaking so nostalgically about "the witcher"

turned out it was Polish! lol
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
Untitled Shared at Dec 26, 2021

Instagram Slack Netflix the holidays Bruce Willis Arnold Schwarzenegger
Everybody was dressed like they might need to make an appearance on another's Instagram . A lot of black and light tans,. A lot of wool and metal.

You might not expect me to be fan of the holidays if you knew me in real life but i did actually enjoy...

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Decaf Ceylon

Netflix eggplant Alen rice rice cooker
When you read this you will be in a dark place with no believable escape. And you will hate the person who wrote this. You'll be tempted to close out of this immediately, what do you have to learn from me anyways? And though I beg you to not do...

Squid Game

Netflix Korean Squid Game
This contains spoilers for the  Netflix series Squid Game   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I'm not the type of person who has a set time each day where I just go and watch a TV show. I"m either binging something or I'm not watching anything at all. When I first watched Squid Game it...

Flash Fiction Practice

beer Twitter Netflix
I once watched two people fall in love and it made me sad. One of them was my roommate, and I was sad because when it happened, I didn't feel anything.

We had all gone to high school together... somehow we were living in the same house. Ivan, the guy, fell...

Flash Fiction Practice
She waited eagerly

Zoom Instagram Netflix Twitter COVID Trump
She waited eagerly. Everyday. Especially when walking under the summer sky on her walks, wondering what this winter would be like. 

She secretly hoped that COVID would be worse this year. That it would be bad enough that her university would let her work from home again. 

She wanted this...

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How to get a date

Netflix Mammoth Cave
Responding to  drewbaca_ 's comment invigorated me to write this. Because I'm actually off on a trip soon to  Mammoth Cave and so was going to write later once I was back. But reading his comment beckoned a comment from me. And writing...
Netflix style Vs Others
I like to think I consume content actively... so I'd rather be able to do 
deep work
when consuming a show. As in I don't want to only watch one hour a week and get stuck in conversating about it with my friends and coworkers.

I didn't watch 
Game of Thrones
for this reason until it was over. 

I think 
 does a better job at allowing content consumers who do it in a deep way rather than some social activity to do their thang.
Abraham Kim

Somebody who works at Balloon House Magazine

Netflix New Yorker Twitter Jeannie Hammond Balloon House Gmail
Later while alone it what I wanted when around Jeannie became clear. It went beyond her flesh, past the mere material -- just as how the story of a book is worth more than the ink and paper that contain it, 

I'd been daydreaming too much about my meetings with...