How much will you make playing games?

It's 10pm at night. My new habit is to stream a little each day to get familiar with OBS and Twitch.

The bigger goal is to practice the skills of putting myself out there and be available as a communicator to the world. I have minor skills and sometimes enthusiasm. Sitting at home they're not doing any good. It's time to put them into the world.

The future, I believe, is everybody finding what they're interested in and finding a way to earn money doing it. The internet will play a huge role in helping you connect to your people and opportunities

In the past, one might try to find a job close to home doing something they could tolerate to earn enough to pay the bills. Maybe they were trained in a trade, craft, or profession enabled them to earn a decent living doing something meaningful. That is changing.

Now there's YouTube.

Twitch thought not as popular as YouTube, is a video streaming platform popularized by gamers. People literally make money broadcasting video of themselves and their screen as they play games. The channels are expanding. Some people are just broadcasting themselves chatting. People tune in and watch. People subscribe and pay money.

What is going on?

If people are already making a living playing games and chatting - what else might people love to do that others would enjoy paying to participate in? There are cooking shows and educational videos and sex workers providing services -- all online.

This is the future. This is now.
This resonates deeply. The last several decades of innovation have done wonders to eliminate the stature of traditional gate keepers: publicists, book publishing boards, media production companies. Chances are there are at least a handful of people (likely more)  who are interested in the same things as you and the ability to those interests known to a broad audience can be done in a day now. It's awesome. 

Some institutions struggle to part ways with values created from the industrial revolution (the 8-5, productivity being directly proportional to time spent at a desk, etc) - the future & our ability to thrive in it depends on doing away with these antiquated concepts. 
2021-01-20 15:59:31
Brian I think you're well suited for this context. It's good to see you practicing it. Hope you make it so that your livestreams are saved so viewers like me can view it after the fact.

I think what you would be good at is driving with people. LIke let's say I'm programming Adagia, then you can drive with me and the video is just me showing how to implement a feature on Adagia while you grill me with questions and your take on them. I'd love to do that with you btw.
2021-01-20 16:18:56
"The future, I believe, is everybody finding what they're interested in and finding a way to earn money doing it." Love it!
2021-01-20 18:08:33
This is a very interesting post. I struggle to come up with what I am willing to share doing.... would write and letting others watch you writing ever be a thing? Being a privacy fanatic, I absolutely hate videos and I hope that it will not be an expectation that we all turn the camera on. I saw a scary black mirror video about that. Scary future. 
2021-01-22 21:46:21
Indeed. My son just informed me that some people are turning their video on while they sleep - and people pay to watch. 👀
2021-01-23 23:13:50