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It has been a few days since I started tracking my
blood pressure
in the morning. Yesterday I also started to follow my
blood sugar level
in the morning, and today I was curious enough to also track it two hours after lunch.

I know so far that my weight currently tends to be around 105 kilograms. I don't have a GUI to visualise my trackings yet, but having only a spare number of stuff to track yet, looking at the data inside the database is easy. Calculating the BMI with that weight leads to 35,9. No surprise there.
was obvious. According to the linked calculator, I would have to lose almost 32 kilograms to go back into the normal range. Not an easy goal to achieve. I can't remember when I only weight around 70 kilograms. It must be a while ago.

Onto the blood pressure: like my weight, I'm tracking it right after getting out of bed and walking the small distance into my office (where I've currently got the measuring devices set up). The systolic averages at 124 mmHg, diastolic at 85 mmHg and the heart rate at 82 bpm. According to, which is in the "elevated" range tho, the diastolic value is not fitting into that. Considering I learned 120 to 80 is the "ideal value" back in
theory, I'm not that alarmed.

Coming to the newest addition, blood sugar. Yesterday morning it was 85 mg/dL. Today it was slightly higher at 102 mg/dL. Two hours after lunch, it was 103 mg/dL. Considering it should be below 100 mg/dL in the morning, I can't say anything with just two values, but it doesn't look "too high" yet. Also, since it was below 140 mg/dL two hours after eating something, I'm a little bit more confident that I'm not
yet. I will need more numbers to get a better insight.

Nevertheless, the plan I made in post one ( of this series still lies ahead. I'm already looking forward to how my health will change and if it will be possible to see changes in the tracked numbers.
Trying to make sense of your weight by relating it to

Do you know how tall you are?
2022-06-28 16:20:55
My take based on these preliminary numbers is that you are on the borderline of crossing into bad territory. It's good you are taking charge now.
2022-06-28 17:15:23
Yes, as it is written in my passport: 171 centimetre.

 That is also my thought, besides weight I didn’t cross the line yet, but if I don’t take action now, I will cross it sooner than later. And with one health problem, the other ones emerge automatically. Obesity is already a large one and I don’t intend to add another one on top. It gets only more complicated the more problems you have to tackle. 
2022-06-28 17:48:40