Clarity coffee clarity

as reply to Heat

Today I started work early while writing and it was a nice way to start. No one in the lab, a cup of
. Lately I have been writing a lot about
, and I feel like in professional life that is the reason I have been writing. Without it i find I struggle to know what to do. I know maybe end goal of what I want, but getting there is hard.

In one of the labs I work in I observe other people not doing anything until they find this. Or they do things, but they aren't done well.  But maybe this is also mixed with Desire, unlike these characters
describes. I can't tell my labmates' desires but it doesn't seem to be their work.  

Desire I think of a vector feeling, or has a direction to it. Makes someone act, or characters do something. Unlike contentment thats directed outward in all directions, or maybe anxiety seems more all over the place. Desire is directed toward something, clarity isn't that, but allows you to see that direction.

I remember from psychology class there are two motivators, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic would be money or payment for work, where intrinsic would be just working for the sake of work. 

Now I want to watch heat, and maybe I will make them watch it as well.