Addicted to tech.

Now i see how we are so biased as humans that that we can't even see how addicted we are to technology. The other day i was waiting for the metro and looking around me i saw everyone with their eyes on their phone. It was fucking midday and every single one of the people about ten were head down staring at their phone. It was like a scene from some fucking dystopian movie. I bet, the moment a device like neuralkink or some AR glasses, becomes ubiquitous as smartphones today, it will be endgame for humans. In the same time i find myself entrenched in tech in ways i didn't anticipate, for example google or fucking Instagram. No. It feels fucking sad when i stop so i can't stop, i love it. Okay i should stop, i don't make any sense. 
I rarely use Google (DuckDuckGo or Ecosia to plant a tree with each search) and I don't use Instagram. Just delete the app and then you won't be tempted.
2022-07-08 18:41:00
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Keeping the app/hardware = 100x decisions to not use it. 

Deleting the app/hardware = 1x decision not to use it. 
2022-07-09 03:02:36