Nothing is Given.

I love observing "Masters" marvel or celebrate with awe when they make perfection or achieve success.

A common one for me is when a renowned footballer plays a shot or free-kick and he is waiting to see if it goes in and/or the way and the excitement with he rejoices when the ball goes in. I'm like "aren't you so and so, weren't you expecting the ball the in?"

It gets me each time. And also teaches me that right in the face of it even the masters are just "giving it a shot".

Nothing is given, that's why even after clinical trials drugs aren't mass-produced just yet. They still start with one person or a small group. Each SpaceX flight is treated like a monumental event (this might be a long shot, but you get my point).

It kind of feels like the only thing given is the effort, the result isn't guaranteed.

Or is it different with aeroplanes? Seems like a plane would always take flight when the conditions are set. 

I agree with you that the only thing given is effort. The airplane analogy is intriguing, my response to that would be that identifying conditions suitable for flight was yet another result of effort.

When the first plane did fly it's not because we knew it would fly, but rather we had a hunch (not a guarantee) that it would from trial/error/intuition (effort). 
2021-02-26 21:53:58
I just saw that you have a 24 day streak now. Remember when
and I were always ragging on you about writing tweet like posts? well I feel like your posts have been getting a lot better lately!

2021-02-27 13:37:29
On another note, I believe that the masters still celebrate because they still are in love with the thing. I think true masters celebrate the little things like that shot going in... and the pseudo masters think that if they could make shots like the masters they would celebrate at the bar getting smashed or going to the casino or something. 

differing reasons for celebrating reveals differing loves explains differing outcomes
2021-02-27 21:13:25