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New Year's Eve 2020-12-31 19:15:31

There's all this pressure to produce some sort of grand post today. Either a full summary of 2020 or a preview of the year ahead. Anytime the contrarian in me is presented with pressure to do something, I immediately resist it, especially if it is something you're "supposed to do" because "everyone else is doing it."

The idea of coming up with three posts per day is definitely challenging me. One post per day is standard and easy to do. Two posts is a little more challenging but certainly doable. Three seems to stretch me to the point where I am sitting and thinking about what to write about. I do like a challenge.

Isn't there some rule of three's? I have one for sneezes.

One sneeze: No issue. Anyone can sneeze once for any number of reasons.
Two sneezes: Two sneezes in a row and now you've got my attention. The first one could have been anything, but now a second one added in rapid succession makes me take pause. I'm not sounding the alarm just yet, but I'm paying attention.
Three sneezes: All bets are off at three sneezes. If you sneeze three times in a row, I'm heading for the hills because you may have COVID-19. 

There is also the question of when the counter resets. I think one minute is a good gap. If you sneeze and then one minute later you sneeze again, I will count the second sneeze as the first of a potential series. 

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I'll catch you in 2021.

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This would've worked better with coughing as an example. I actually don't think people sneeze cause of COVID lol
2020-12-31 20:17:16
I used to cough to cover a fart, now I fart to cover a cough! I like using a sneeze because it is a distinct action and easily countable. Coughing is too varied to establish a reliable heuristic. I was making fun of the idea that any sign of potential illness could be construed as COVID. 
2020-12-31 20:46:01
Your post and comment made me LOL, but since there's no reaction button. I had to type it out.

Happy New Year
2020-12-31 21:30:50
Wow... you write 3 different posts? I am struggling with one post for both sites I am on after that break I took. I need to get back to writing most of my thoughts and conversations through the day. 

Happy New Year Brandon and crew! We have successfully wrapped up another year of committed writing. 
2021-01-01 02:46:40
@keni Yes, posting the same post in three places seemed kind of lame to me. I wanted to stretch and challenge myself and use the opportunity of three sites to do just that. Welcome back to writing!
2021-01-01 12:57:12