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Answers 2021-01-02 04:19:22

It's satisfying when a story reveals the answers and it all adds up. Or when you get answers for questions you didn't even have. I recently watched a show that did just that and it contrasted with others that left those reveals for the end and were unsatisfying.

Mass Effect comes to mind. It left the major questions to the very end and it was hugely divisive. The answers made sense with the story told but it never felt right. There was so much anticipation for that moment that it always would've been unlikely it would live up to everyone's expectations. 

Maybe the longer a story takes to reveal those things the more likely its answers will be unsatisfying. This show I've been watching took the opposite approach. It continuously doled out answers throughout its episodes. And now with still one more season to go, I already feel like my questions have been answered satisfactorily. I can enjoy the ending without any huge expectations for answers. Just a good ending to the plot and characters. More stories should take note.

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So much in here that pertains not just to story telling. 

I think we index too heavily on the answer... the destination when it's actually the questions and the journey that satisfies us. I'm willing to bet that the greatest stories are the ones we know the answer to... if not halfway in then even sometimes even before beginning.

I also think that we make this mistake in our work. We keep our work in the dark and continuously push off deadlines (answers/destinations) promising bigger and bigger deliverables.. promising bigger wins, when actually the optimal path is figuring out the next series of small wins and just do those -- often in public -- and continue on from there.
2021-01-02 17:01:32
BTW are you travelling? How early are you writing???
2021-01-02 19:14:58
oh I forgot to say lol. It's Attack on Titan.

good comparison. That happens a lot when working on a product too. Sometimes you spend a bunch of time working on a feature before releasing instead of just rolling it out piece by piece.

I'm just a night owl so I write after midnight haha
2021-01-03 00:15:14
Now I need to see this show. I love the type of shows that challenge me and make me change my mind. For that matter, even TED talks, books, podcasts and interviews like that are just gems. The WIRE was one show that I deeply respect and learnt so much from.... so much that even living in Baltimore did not. 
Thank you for sharing this new show. 
2021-01-03 00:21:57
I hope you find it interesting. I haven't seen the Wire yet even though everyone's told me it's amazing. Need to get to it this year.
2021-01-04 04:54:55
I will definitely try it Keenen. I am actually watching Breaking Bad for the second time and loving it. I am currently obsessed with topics like power, corruption, bias and similar topics so watching breaking bad again was remarkable. 
2021-01-07 01:10:36
I am due for a re-watch of Breaking Bad, which is in my #1 slot of all time.
2021-01-07 01:31:11
I've been thinking about watching it for a second time too. Haven't since the finale so everything might feel new again.
2021-01-07 05:23:51