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What have you changed your mind about over the last year? 2021-01-02 16:58:11

I heard this question on a podcast and it had me thinking. Since we are all prone to confirmation bias and looking for information that supports our beliefs, it's good to challenge what we think and consider times when we have changed our minds.

One thing I changed my mind about this year is the belief that training and learning new things is always a good thing. For most of my career, I have been open to learning new roles, new systems, and new skills. While I am glad that focus has gotten me to where I am, I have now reached a stage where I am no longer interested in learning something new within the context of my main job and career. If I imagine my character in the health insurance IT world I'm in, I am going to spend skill points to max out the skills I already have rather than re-spec and start all over again.

This doesn't mean I'm against learning anything new. For me, it means being more selective about where I spend time and energy. I have lots to learn about being an entrepreneur and shifting from working for someone else to creating my own income. It is challenging to shift from a domain where I have mastery to a domain where I am a complete newbie. I feel like I'm venturing out of town in Act I of Diablo II, picking up all items (including white-text items) just to sell them and get some gold. You gotta start somewhere.

Get good at something worth getting good at.

How would you answer the question?

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This is a great question. I also have had similar shift in my relationship to learning new things (in my given domain) as you.

 What have you changed your mind about over the last year? 

I used to think that coding was a more powerful skill that writing. But after having progressed on both fronts, I now believe writing to be more powerful. 

This is not a knock on coding. Actually coding is a herculean skill. Rather it's a proper appraisal of writing. 
2021-01-02 17:31:30
I love the reference to Diablo... were you a gamer? 

"It is challenging to shift from a domain where I have mastery to a domain where I am a complete newbie" - Completely resonated here, when it comes to coding. But i guess re-spec is nice way of refreshing the game of life!
2021-01-02 23:46:42
Excellent question Bradon. Love these types of introspective questions. I will make it my post for tomorrow. :) 
2021-01-03 00:16:14
Sir Abe - The world is going towards no code and the advancement of AI means that most programming will be done by machines. Where we humans can't be replaced for a while is creativity. Definitely writing is the superior skill.... I would rephrase that as good communication but yes definitely superior. 
2021-01-03 00:17:52
+1 for me. diablo 2 for life! I loved being a barbarian at first but then later necro and druid
2021-01-03 16:57:56
Keni you're right that when I said writing i actually did mean communication. But I do want to add that I believe the best way to improve communication is writing.

There's also other great ways to improve, but writing is the one where you most... you know what? i'll write a post about it lol
2021-01-03 18:44:00
 *Cue the awkward edit in Start Wars A New Hope when Darth Vader senses Obi Wan Kenobi* I picked D2 characters like the sorceress and the druid to attack from afar and summon units. 
2021-01-03 20:23:01
 Diablo was one of my favs too! Barbarian, always. Btw this is such a great question. Can I add it to the writing prompts in Lifelog?
2021-01-04 02:33:46