Weekends are where posts go to die 2021-01-23 15:21:08

I have noticed a trend that there seems to be less interest in posts/newsletters on the weekends. Initially, I thought there would be more interest since most people work during the week and have weekends off with supposedly plenty of time to read. It appears the opposite is true. People don't want to be wasting their free time on the weekends with frivolous posts or learning how to improve themselves. *Insert Ain't nobody got time for that meme* In reality, it's during the week when most people are supposed to be working that I see the most engagement. 

I know there is some science around the art of posting. The best day of the week, the best time of day, etc. Other than days when certain topics would be trending or a season that may be more aligned with one topic over another, I don't pay much attention to when I publish. I chose Monday morning for my newsletter for a couple of reasons. Mondays suck. Most people dread them. I dread them. So, why not having something to look forward to instead of dread? I extended that idea to my audience as well. Maybe there are a couple of people dragging themselves to work on Monday who will see the newsletter and think to themselves, "Oh well at least there's that!" Many people start new things on Monday, so it's also timed to help people establish new habits of behavior if they want to try out something that I suggest.
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Brandon Wilson

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I've shared these same series of thoughts. I assumed everyone liked to take long stretches of time to read --including newsletters-- on weekends since that's what I liked to do.

But alas, then I tried to see what people were actually doing and I noticed that they were actually using newsletters as a way to motivate themselves during a tough work day/week.
2021-01-23 15:38:00
Monday mornings are the prime time for many things Brandon. Back in my Amazon FBA days, I learnt that the best time to have a lightening deal where people will look at and purchase products on sale on Amazon is Monday morning. A VP from Amazon confirmed that at an Amazon event I went to in NY. 

There is something about Monday mornings that makes people more willing to do things. I personally want my weekends to unwind and for social obligations with family and friends. 
2021-01-24 00:55:03