"Who has time for...!?" 2021-02-03 01:07:32

diction - I don't care which words you say or how you say them as long as I can understand you.

friction - I need a little friction to stay on the road but can use less when cornering on the ol' go-kart

eviction - Not me. I pay my mortgage ahead of schedule every month without fail. As a colleague once told me, once you have a mortgage, you must always keep enough money in your account to pay on time every month. He said if his bank account ever got below $2,000, he'd piss his pants. At the time, I told him if my account ever got above $2,000, I'd piss my pants.

restriction - This one depends on the constraints. Full freedom does not lend itself well to creativity.

addiction - Addicted to writing maybe? I suppose certain kinds of food that I'm trying to get under control. No time for addictions to substances.

dereliction - Of duty? Of work? Of responsibilities to others? Of art?

affliction - What some people may experience with fasting. Not me. In my opinion, if you are suffering, you're doing it wrong. No time for that.

vasoconstriction - Definitely no time for this in the brain, the heart, or the penis.

Brandon Wilson

Fast This Way The Silhouette Challenge
Lol, with Abe on this one. By the way Brandon, there's an answer out there, to your famous question. I'll get to it eventually.
2021-02-03 23:49:40