The Silhouette Challenge 2021-02-03 15:34:02

The latest Tik Tok trend is something called the #SilhouetteChallenge. It is typically done by women and involves a remix of Paul Anka's Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Participants stand in front of the camera fully clothed, then there's a cut to them standing in a doorway showing a silhouette with a red filter. In the silhouette, they dance provocatively and may be clothed, scantily clad, or even nude.

I have not been on Tik Tok lately, so the way the story got my attention is that people have figured out how to remove the red filter and fully reveal the women's bodies. One Rolling Stone article has the following headline: YouTube is Profiting Off Creeps Hacking a Sexy, Body-Positive TikTok Challenge.

This article has several PC buzzwords including body-positive, victim-blaming, and unwanted sexualization. There is a limited discussion of the potential illegality of manipulating the original videos/imagines and distributing the unfiltered versions.

Apparently, a subreddit featuring the edited TikTok videos was banned, and the Rolling Stone writer seems to imply that the YouTube videos with instructions for editing these videos should be banned as well.

I have no vested interest other than chuckling at examples of when society turns on itself. 

On a side note, I keep having issues telling people about this story because I have discovered that I do not have the correct spelling of the word silhouette committed to memory.
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Brandon Wilson

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I see some people calling those who remove the filter evil/twats etc. I find that ludicrous.

The internet has Meme Culture which is practically editing and/or adding texts to media files for humour. Which means, the internet has always edited public media for its amusement. So, I'm really shocked people are shocked someone somewhere would remove the filter.

At this rate, if the society continues like this vibranium would be more common than common sense.
2021-02-04 07:26:17
I think it speaks to people's blind trust in tech. The fact that nothing but a filter was obscuring their nudity and they still felt comfortable uploading the videos says a lot about how our relationship with social media is changing. Go back in time with a camera try to convince someone that they can dance naked in front of the door and a filter will take care of the rest.
2021-02-04 07:47:24