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So these hoes slut themselves out for the entire world to see, and then once a bunch of cunning pervs figure out how to see exactly what kind of merchandise they're selling, the media and self-righteous virtue signalers turn into cloistered fuckin' nuns and call for the dick guillotine.

Fuck you, media. Fuck you, Rolling Stone, and fuck all you fuckers who, a week ago, praised the body positivity of nude bodies flouncing around in the shadows of an overhyped, hyper-sexualized platform where thots congregate like pigeons in a city square.

"Oh noooo, they've been violated! Why can't you treat them as normal human beings? As beautiful, strong women, who are normal human beings, they are just people exactly like the manager of a BestBuy, or like the fat girl in high school that nobody ever looked at twice. Stop treating them as  objects of sexual perversion, you depraved mongoloids! Only they  are allowed to treat their bodies as objects of sexual perversion. Their body their choice! Of course sex and nudity are not a big deal, it's not like we're prudes, but you viewed a vulva without permission and that's NOT ALLOWED to be your fetish, you got that, you creepy perv?" 

Guess what, you stupid sluts? It doesn't work that way. You don't get to get to flaunt your body in public and to make the thirsty thirstier while living in some imaginary world where voyeurism, depravity, or, why the fuck not, plain old curiosity, isn't a thing. I hope all their nudes are exposed and their kids see what a slut mama was so they finally understand why they got 5 half-brothers and don't know who they daddy is. 
BOOM! No pulling punches on this one. Just watch out for the PC police who will be coming after you for any number of infractions.
2021-02-04 21:15:15
Thought crime or crime against thots? I still haven't decided
2021-02-05 07:47:40
The PC police doesn't have the budget to reach the outskirts of the internet like this site lol.

One thing though is that although I don't disagree with
's remarks with my head. Like I do think that this was just waiting to happen and also that it's silly to want to eat two cakes and have three cakes while buying only one cake...

but one thing I do diverge from him on is the sentiment. To me, I just know how stupid of an ass me and my guy friends were in college and even a couple years after. And I know that even though we were stupid idiots there were people that believed in the potential of us to mature one day. They never allowed the hopefully temporary idiocy get in the way of seeing the potential.

I feel like these girls are somewhat similar to that situation. They're just doing their version of being young idiots (yes young isn't just about age in this case). I suspect that in the future the ones who will grow will grow out of this and look back at this and laugh.

2021-02-06 13:41:00
Crime against thots/thought crime. One and the same in this case. Love it.

I was wondering about the PC police a little bit, but PC policing and writing need to be like Rikki Tikki Tavi and the Cobra. We need a favicon of a mongoose ;) 

Now that I'm not in youtuber rant mode, I will say that I don't wish death or eternal dishonor upon none of the hos. Actually, they are basically victims here too - just not in the way they think - since they get unending encouragement from people who should know better (also from plenty who don't).

When we were idiots, back in the day (for you - I still am), full grown adults weren't sucking our proverbial collegeboy cockles and encouraging our autistic behavior. And if it went wrong, nobody wrote op-eds defending our antics. They said, you deserved it, you idiots. Or how about reddit's favorite, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"? 

You see how these comments are missing now. It's a major distinction. 
2021-02-09 22:11:01
I like having You're fake image as the Favicon a lot actually lol.

You know my experience of being a young idiot was different than yours. I actually did feel like full grown adults were sucking our proverbial college boy cocks. Everywhere I went I was facing smiles from older men reminiscing about their adventures and us connecting.

I think there were two things happening here that allowed me to feel this way. 

1. I basically only talked with people I could jive with. So anyone who would give me the tough love treatment of you're being an ass I didn't talk with. --> bubble
2. I had an aire of someone going someplace as in good grades and I sounded smart when talking with people in a quick conversation. -> false assumptions of future success 

Now about the social media encouragement that these young girls get. Why are you treating it like it's some holy currency? That encouragement has low value and like you said that makes anyone who finds it valuable a victim because they're essentially getting into inflated ego fraud.
2021-02-12 13:14:16
I'd say its way more than "social media encouragement that these young girls get."  Rolling Stone didn't write anything about these girls' behavior as 'problematic' to begin with, in fact they went out their way to find a law professor to double down and explain why, in fact, they even have a legal right to privacy. What a joke.
But these days this is just survival, they know better than to get cancelled by the PC police for calling out dem hos.  

2021-02-16 22:05:08
But since when is Gabriel Greco so invested into the mass opinion and standards. Sorry I should've said media/institutional encouragement not just social media. That's what I actually meant.

But you know right after I wrote the first sentence of this comment I realized that you do care a lot about what the mainstream believes. Like you are very invested into how the everyday person thinks and you put a high standard on it.

I feel like most would see you as cynical for it, but I feel like it makes you out to be somewhat of an optimist. As in you actually have some hope that the mass hivemind might illuminate progressively. 

Still. I think this is where you and I have been deviating these just past two years since we met. I wonder why is your mind so assemblaged to this hive mind? Can one not aim to try to influence the small part of the hive mind without being so attached?
2021-02-17 13:21:45