Met the deadline
Do you get a thrill out of these type of situations? I know you've complained about 
when it takes too much time, but i figured those were boring, yet long times.

this sounds at least fun?
Abraham Kim

SQL Course is on!

No, this isn't the SQL course that I claimed to be developing as a self-directed online course. I haven't done much work on that recently. This is the original SQL course that I developed for people who work in my role and in my field. I was waiting for permission...
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I am a fan of building a product that people will like and find useful.

I'm in total agreement with this. One caveat I like to emphasize these days however is that the first person out of the people must be you the creator. 

This is why I think 
's approach to never letting writing feel like 
is a wise one
Abraham Kim

Hey, quick question...

When I was in college, I had a video cassette recorder (VCR). It proved to be a popular item, and sometimes people would ask to borrow it to watch movies. One guy named Rob used the strategy of a fake, Victorian-era British accent for his request:
"Perchance to borrow the vicker??"