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If you're lucky you'll get to live long enough that your lens' grows cloudy. It doesn't matter how sharp your base vision is before this gradual formation. Even if you were seeing 20/8 (the accepted max visual acuity for humans) the world will still appear obscured to you through

Until recently this natural phenomena just meant that we accepted a hazy visual existence for people in their twilight years. In some developing nations this still is the norm. But in the U.S, every major city has teams of cataract surgeons specializing in transplanting opaque lens with clear ones all day everyday. Well not literally because then that would lead to a lot of error, but you get the point. Basically anywhere you go with a healthy amount of retirees and you can bet 5% of your financial adviser's recommended limit on high risk investments that there's several cataract specialists around.

But how are all these people getting this operation? How are so many doctors, nurses, and their staff all making a living off this? It's a costly procedure and so shouldn't it be exclusive only to people like 
Warren Buffett
? PS Buffett also had the operation too. Rubbing money on your eyes doesn't prevent it.

In the U.S there are certain things you don't have to worry about when signing up for health insurance. If you're looking to get a sex change operation then you probably are going to be out of luck. If you're looking for a heavy amount of psychological therapy then you better hope you have good insurance. But with something like cataracts we can all agree that our grandparents shouldn't have to live with them. Luckily the disease doesn't affect different races/classes/other-categorization-of-people-besides-for-age! so unfairly to the point where we need to prepare our keyboards for 
warfare. Instead we maintain a societal infrastructure that leads to two things.

A good amount of older people who can see clearly and a stable roster of practitioners who make the U.S feel like it's a cataract-free nation. God bless the U.S.A
I approve this message, which has the appropriate amount of embedded snark.
2021-05-27 19:27:55
Glad you noticed the snark. I usually don't have a lot of that in my writing. But seeing 
 practicing deliberately with comedy has made me want to also infuse my writing with a bit more punchey snarks as well. 
2021-05-28 18:16:49
Yes this feels like a Scott Adams piece. Nicely written Sir Abe.
2021-05-29 02:16:32

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